Changing perspectives: A coffee break with Brian Wieser with a current status for the media industry


This episode is about Change, Economy, Brands, Experiences and Media spendings.

This episode is part of our NextM podcast special series, containing short interview snippets, that were recorded remotely – please excuse minor technical interruptions.

The world is in a constant state of change. Brian Wieser, Global President of Business Intelligence of GroupM, expresses his point of view on what’s currently happening all around the world.  Firstly, he describes how he examines the economic situation all over the world and how he helps colleagues from different countries exchange their experiences during this exceptional situation. Beside country-specific effects on the economy, Brian sees three main tipps for such exceptional situations: 1. Brands that are committed to society, will benefit. 2. What counts now are good experiences and new consumer concepts. 3. Brands that don’t cut their media spendings are more likely to come stronger out of the crisis.