Zineb Ait Bahajji


Former SEO and webmarketing manager in Paris, Zineb joined Google in 2013, as a developer programs engineer in Search. Her main mission was then to make the web better, by improving the quality of search results, and user experience on Google search.

In 2015, Zineb joined the conversational search team in Zurich as a Program Manager. She’s worked on exciting search features that make google understand the context and intent of user searches: location aware search, contextual voice search, and Now on Tap are a few examples of those. Since 2016, she’s been working on one of the most promising and exciting projects in Search: the Google Assistant.

Sessions at NextM

“Marketing in the age of assistance”

Profound advances in technology are creating a world where assistance will soon be all around us. Beyond our PCs and phones, we can soon get help in our homes, cars, wearables, and more. In this context, businesses need to hyper-relevant and helpful to their customers. This talk will cover the trends, technologies and opportunities for advertisers in this new world.