Stuart Sullivan-Martin


Stuart is the Chief Strategy Officer at Wavemaker (formerly MEC), responsible for strategic planning across the EMEA region. He has worked with a range of brands across the region in a number of categories and has won several awards including 2013 Media Week Gold for the Department of Health and the 2009 IPA Effectiveness Grand Prix for the Morrisons. Stuart is also the co-chair of the 2017 IPA Effectiveness Diploma and was nominated the UK’s No 1 Media Planner by Campaign Magazine.

Session at NextM

‘Brand Momentum in the Age of Algorithm’

In the turmoil of hyper fast change in our industry, we need an anchor to help make the right decisions for brand growth – what to make, to invest in, to avoid, how to gain the competitive advantage.

Over the last three years, Wavemaker (formerly MEC) has invested significantly in data-fuelled insight into the psychology, thoughts, feelings and behaviours of people and how they buy. The study includes 350,000 respondents, 65 categories in over 35 countries. This makes it the largest study in consumer behaviour we’ve seen to date. Get insights and find out more about opportunities you can leverage in the purchase journey.