Stefania Serafin


Stefania Serafin is currently Professor with special responsibilities in sound for multimodal environments at Aalborg University Copenhagen. She is President of the Sound and Music Computing Association and co-head of the Multisensory Experience Lab at Aalborg University Copenhagen. She received a PhD degree in computer-based music theory and acoustics from Stanford University, in 2004, and a Master in Acoustics, computer science and signal processing applied to music from Ircam (Paris), in 1997. Her main research interests include sound models for interactive systems, multimodal interfaces and virtual reality, and sonic interaction design.

Sessions at NextM

“Multisensory Experience Lab at Aalborg University Copenhagen”

In the Multisensory experience lab at Aalborg University Copenhagen we explore the possibilities and limitations of the senses using technologies to simulate visual audio and touch. We are interested in adopting commercial as well as building custom made hardware and software technologies such as virtual and augmented reality, tangible interfaces, surround sound and 360 videos.
We apply our technologies to health, rehabilitation, education and interactive art.