The digital aspect in Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising is increasing constantly. Innovative stunts are known for their eye-catching effect which works even better if the content activates the target group and creates a unique individual experience.
With this Spraywall you can experience a special kind of creative interaction. The spray can contains sensors that activate LEDs in the wall and enable you to create an individual image on the wall. This way, every wall can become a media carrier – without any projection or shadowing. By merging architecture with content, countless application possibilities are created for POS/POI and live communication.

Kinetic is the leading agency in helping brands connect with their audiences while they are on the move. As the world’s largest planner and digital innovator of OOH advertising, Kinetic is the expert for activating communication with the mobile community. We support you in creating a unique OOH campaign. Through creative approaches and stunt ideas, like this Spraywall, we are always one innovative step ahead.

As developer and producer of the Spraywall tennagels Medientechnik is the overall technical service provider also among others of today’s event. Thus tennagels Medientechnik is one of the first addresses for the development of innovative media technologies, that can be placed in all areas of the digital world.