Sophie Bech


Sophie Bech (1984), holds a Master’s in Media Science. She has a background in the film industry and have a wide variety of experience in multiple fields within the art industry. That has provided her with a unique insight into cross-disciplinary creative environments.
Sophie always look for every opportunity to match ideas, people, and resources
She focus on building strong networks with a dynamic mix of creative and commercial thinkers with global outreach.

Sessions at NextM

“The Future in Motion Capture”

Traditional motion capture systems offer very limited accessibility for those outside the biggest film and game studios.

With the Rokoko Smartsuit motion capture is now available to everybody including those outside the industry. The application of this technology is being explored in everything from theatre, ballet, treatment of children suffering from autism, pre-anxiety treatment for children going into surgery, VR experiences, revisualisation within architecture, and so on.

Rokoko will do a live demo of the Smartsuit and present some of their partnerships and visionary themes.