Sebastian Busse


SEBASTIAN BUSSE – Director Addressable TV Supply

Sebastian Busse heads the team for the development of Europe’s largest Addressable TV partner network at smartclip. His vision is to bring forward the world and means of TV advertising.

The smartclip Addressable TV Platform, explicitly built for the TV industry, brings digital advertising and analytic solutions to linear TV and unlocks new potential for broadcasters and advertisers.

With a proven track record in the area of Connected TV, Sebastian Busse offers deep knowledge of this young market segment. Previously, Mr. Busse built up the largest publisher network on Connected TV at smartclip. He implemented the integration of Philips Net TV, the first real Connected TV approach of a large CE-manufacturer, for monetization purposes. After that he had the responsibility for the launch of CTV portals for Loewe, Vestel and Astra HD+.
Prior to smartclip, he worked in sales at IMG Media. He started his career at the digital agency Syzygy and argonauten.

Sessions at NextM

“Addressable TV”

The Broadcast TV Advertising ecosystem is about to change rapidly and broadcasters feel the pressure of digital powerhouses who are striving to get their stake of the TV advertising dollars. Therefore, TV broadcasters are seeking for solutions to maintain their strong position within the media strategies of agencies and clients. The high numbers of TV’s connected to the internet in Europe’s living room enables broadcasters to make use of Addressable TV. Already today many broadcasters in Europe are making use of Addressable TV enabling the delivery of ad server based advertising into the broadcast TV stream. smartclip owns Europe’s largest Addressable TV platform servicing more than 25 broadcasters and will give an overview of Addressable TV advertising technology of today and the nearer future.