Richard Lloyd


Richard is EMEA Chief Digital Officer for Maxus. Based in London, he and his team provide thought leadership, best practice support and specialist expertise to Maxus’s digital teams across the region.

Prior to joining Maxus in June 2016, Richard led global product development for Xaxis’ proprietary flagship audience management platform, Turbine, a multi-million dollar big data solution providing market-leading real-time audience modelling and targeting capabilities. Turbine was instrumental to Xaxis’s recent success and has recently been incorporated into [m]Platform, GroupM’s new global programmatic data platform.

Prior to Xaxis, Richard spent nearly 4 years at MEC, first joining as Head of Data & Technology, then becoming the Global Lead for Data & Technology Services. Before joining MEC, Richard held posts in a number of leading technology companies, such as Microsoft and Omniture.

Session at NextM

“Will today’s iPhone be tomorrow’s media planner?”

We are on the verge of a new industrial revolution, 5 million jobs are set to disappear by 2020(WEF 2016) due to the rise in AI, smart robotics and big data. So what does that mean for us? Join Richard Lloyd, Maxus EMEA Chief Digital Officer as he explores:

  • The implications for media agencies and the people that work for them

  • What role our creativity has to play in combatting this threat

  • What the media agency of the future looks like