Ric Scheuss


Ric Scheuss leads the Corporate Sound & Music department at TRO (Duesseldorf, Cologne and Berlin). He consults global clients such as Henkel, adidas, C&A and Eurowings. Numerous projects were honored with international ad-, film- and music awards including Cannes Lions, ADC nails, BAFTA and a nomination for a Golden Palm.In 2017 he was part of the Cannes Lions Jury, in charge of the category Radio. With TRO Sonic DNA he developed an innovative process that combines valid data, artificial intelligence and creativity for the development of holistic music & sound strategies.

Session at NextM

‘Sonic DNA: How Technology Fuels Creativity’

Music and sound are essential tools for creating a strong emotional loyalty between brands and consumers. Moving image and audiovisual branded content are playing an increasingly important role in brand communication. Therefore, an inevitable need arises to predict and measure the emotional effect of music & sound for differing consumer touch points and target audiences. Ric Scheuss (CCO, TRO) will share insights of scientific research on the impact of music as part of a strategic branded world building and the design of a machine-learning algorithm that is capable of measuring and predicting target group specific emotions evoked by musical and acoustic patterns. Use cases of holistic, technology driven music and sound strategies will allow a close look at the tension field between human creativity and AI.