Natia Todua


Natia Todua is a Georgian-born singer with a Cinderella story. Growing up in Abkhasia in the Caucasus – a region near the Black Sea which until 1993 was plagued by war – her family moved a total of eleven times before she reached adulthood. During a visit to Tbilisi, her uncle played her a live recording of the legendary Woodstock Festival with rock and blues legends like Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and The Who – a revelation for Natia. “At home we only knew Russian singers and folk music. When my uncle played me Western music for the first time, I felt hypnotised. Nina Simone’s voice moved me so much I dropped a full cup of tea! In that moment I knew I wanted to perform this kind of music on stage myself.” After finishing school and moving to Tbilisi she taught herself singing at age 17, tried her luck on The X Factor Georgia and The X Factor Ukraine and regularly performed in local pubs to finance her studies.

In 2016 Natia moved to Germany to fulfill her dream of studying music. She worked as au pair when – entirely by chance – she came across the casting call for “The Voice of Germany 2017” on one of her babysitting-free Sundays. Natia applied as contestant, not knowing she would charm all of Germany with her recognizable soul voice, charisma and unusual looks, securing her victory in a dramatic final. After touring Germany for almost a month, she prepared for the Eurovision national final with her first single „My own way“. Currently living in Bruchsal and Berlin, Natia pursues to work on her debut album. She is also planning to begin her studies in music next year.

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