Elena Corchero


For Elena Corchero, a fascination with technology has become a passion for helping  people make sense of the products, trends and technologies that will shape the way  we’ll live in the future.

With a background in product development and wearable tech, Elena has carved out a high profile career as a tech consultant working with the BBC, Diageo, Unilever, Audi,  and the London Olympics.  She has been featured in ​Vogue​, ​Forbes​ and ​MIT Technology  Review,​ and wowed audiences at TED and Oxford University. Inspired by Unruly’s co-founder Sarah Wood, Elena joined the Unruly family in early  2018 as a resident Futurist. As a believer in the power of brands and advertising to  make the world a better place, Elena educates brands and publishers about the future  of ambient technology in the Home, and how it will affect the way they connect with  audiences. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling and Lindy Hop.

Session at NextM

‘The Home is the new Store’

The way brands communicate is changing. The rise of ambient technology in the home has created new ways for brands to connect with audiences. But if brands are going to be successful in the home, they need to understand how relationships with consumers are changing. With examples from the world-famous Unruly Home, Elena Corchero presents a glimpse of what advertising will look like in the future, and shares some examples of brands who are pioneers in the new ambient era of advertising.