Matthew Mee


Matthew is the Global Chief Strategy Officer of MediaCom. In the course of many years there he has designed processes, built tools, launched cultural initiatives and worked with clients to promote a systems view of thinking and planning; one which reflects and leverages the dynamic reality of communications.

Session at NextM

‘Culture clash: Decoding culture and emotion in video’

Consumers are products of culture, and their attitudes, ideas and opinions are shaped by their environments. As marketers, it’s vital that we understand these behaviours. But breaking behaviour down into data is no easy task. It’s not an exact science. At least, it didn’t use to be. Fortunately, new tools can help us quantify culture and understand why a media strategy that works in one market won’t work in the nation next door. The most recent of these is MediaCom’s Cultural Connections study, which collects data from more than 60,000 consumers in 63 markets to understand why they think, feel and behave differently. In this presentation, MediaCom’s Matt Mee and Unruly’s Ian Forrester reveal the cultural forces that influence consumers around the world and explain why certain video creative might fly in some markets but flop in others.