Mark Melling


Mark Melling leads RYOT Studio in EMEA. RYOT Studio is Oath’s immersive storytelling platform, featured and celebrated at iconic film festivals such as the Oscars. The team produce award winning creative content for some of the world’s biggest brands. RYOT is a world leader in AR/VR, and 360 content. Oath is a Verizon company.

Session at NextM

‘Content marketing: Shakespeare would have loved augmented reality’ 

There’s no question about it – brands are fighting for the hearts and minds of consumers now more than ever. The opportunity for brands to connect through content is growing but how do brands know it works? How can brands measure success? Is there a simple way to measure attention? There is. Join Mark Melling, Head of RYOT Studio EMEA (Oath’s immersive, branded content studio), as he takes a look at what’s next in the world of storytelling and immersive technology. Wherefore art thou, Mark?