Kresten Bach Søndergaard


Kresten Bach Søndergaard heads up GroupM’s initiatives in developing marketing leading solutions based on data and automation. Integrating technology platforms, data sources, machine learning and real time decisioning is changing the creative brief for what, when, how and where to deliver your next tailored message.
Kresten holds a master’s degree in communications and has worked at the intersection of content and technology throughout his career, developing integrated communication experiences across channels for more years than he likes to count.

As co-author on the first book on cross-channel communication in Denmark and part of the pioneering team at Danish Broadcasting he played a major part in developing targeted broadcast programming for distinct audiences and delivering relevant content across multiple channels, long before the term omnichannel came into fashion.

Sessions at NextM

“From Digital to Artificial Intelligence. Orchestrating omnichannel experiences”

A hands on presentation on how GroupM thinks, structure and deliver on integrated communication across channels and touchpoints. How do you include offline in your Consumer Journey, and where do we use machine learning and AI to improve the Consumer Experience? And how do we get all this stuff to play together?