Kodi Foster


Kodi Foster is the Senior Vice President of Data Strategy at Viacom. Kodi will lead the development of data-centric strategies, and products for multi-channel integrated marketing, measurement and valuation, in partnership with the Viacom Velocity, Nickelodeon, and BET teams.

Prior to joining Viacom, Kodi served as Head of Brand Initiatives at Outbrain since 2010. He has been at the forefront of the Content Marketing revolution, working with brands and agencies to transform their organizations through content and technologies that delight audiences across screens and platforms. Before joining Outbrain, Kodi was Vice President of Business Development at Sahara Media Holdings, a publicly traded investment company specializing in the digital media industry. Kodi is also a Principal Investor at NextGen Venture Partners a network driven venture firm, and a frequent speaker sharing his thoughts on the intersection of media, and emerging technology.

Sessions at NextM

“Using Data for Branded Content in a World of Distorted Realities”

With the proliferation of algorithms as the proxy between people & content, content creators & marketers must now design & target the machines to reach an audience. If the “machines” are surfacing content based on audience responses to either biases, or fake news, what does this mean for how we need to analyze the data to understand these audiences so that we can effectively engage them? When humanity’s collective understanding and perception of reality is fragmenting exponentially, how do we normalize our design & targeting models to factor in this variance of what is real & what isn’t?