Jenny Hermanson


In the role of Managing Director Jenny is responsible for the Nordic business, including everything from user growth, business development to brand positioning. Jenny is a strong and visionary leader with a true passion for business. She holds her team and colleagues close to her heart. Jenny is driven by how to evolve businesses through the best combination of long term strategy, operations, the human touch and creativeness. She is constantly challenging the world around her and is always striving for new successes for the business. She has built a team.

Sessions at NextM

“Reinventing entertainment for a global community”

We live in a global community where content consumption barely has any borders, in particular when it comes to entertainment. Consumers are more selective of what content they consume today, demanding companies to serve them according their own, personal terms. That’s where data combined with human involvement becomes important in the music landscape, being culturally and contextually relevant in any action taken – showing the weight of innovation and constant development.