Jakob Stigler


Jakob Stigler is Managing Director of AOL Nordics and Be On it s’s end-to-end branded content syndication platform, where he leads the company’s operations across Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

With over 15 years’ experience in a variety of technology, communications and digital advertising, Jakob joined the company as part of the GoViral team in 2009 which was subsequently acquired by AOL in 2011. He has led the Be On Nordics team since 2012.

Sessions at NextM

“Winning in Asia – How to approach Asian markets from the Nordics”

The worlds largest economy is changing, and so is its digital culture. Asian consumers can no longer be won over by traditional pushy advertising or celebrity endorsement, they require content and conversations with brands. As Asia will increasingly become more dominant in shaping the digital future global companies must to adapt to what is very likely to be their new terms of attention. Hear about the Chinese and Japanese behavior with 12 platforms compared to a Western that is dominated by few platforms and the effects of cultural branding.