Jacob Lachmann


Jacob Lachmann has been a pioneer in the online ad space and digital marketing since 1996. Today he is the CEO of AudienceProject, a unique, award winning MarTech company supplying digital cross platform audience ecosystems to publishers, brands and agencies in the digital ad industry – a company which he joined in august 2015.

Prior to AudienceProject, Jacob Lachmann acted as VP of Sales at AOL Platforms International out of London. He joined AOL January 2011, following the acquisition of GoViral, the branded content distribution company he joined as a shareholder in early 2009. During his time as Managing Director Nordics at GoViral he set up offices in Sweden and Norway and doubled the business every year for four years. Understanding the mechanisms of driving digital audiences on a global scale as well as experience in growing strong organisations are the cornerstones in Jacob’s work.

Sessions at NextM

“Silos vs. Ecosystems”

Data is the foundation of any successful company. Data elevates understanding and enables optimization.

However, most brands have their data in internal silos stored in various departments in various formats collected with various permissions prohibiting an optimal use of data.

The digital winners of today are able to activate their data in fluid ecosystems enabling them to move into new grounds and take new territory.