Dr. Tu-Lam Pham


Dr. Tu-Lam Pham is an international expert on e-commerce & social media, based in Munich, Germany. He advises leading corporations, international brands and private equity firms on how to grow their digital business. Prior to that, he was a start-up founder, professor and corporate executive in the areas of e-commerce, media and venture capital. He frequently travels to Berlin, San Francisco and China to immerse himself in the latest digital trends all over the world. As an international keynote speaker, he enjoys sharing his views on the current state of technology and business. He regularly publishes his insights on LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and on his “Digital IQ” podcast.

Session at NextM

‘Is China the new Silicon Valley?’

In many areas such as mobile payment, mobile commerce and social media, China has already surpassed the US and is THE global trendsetter. If you want to understand the future of tech, you have to understand the Chinese tech ecosystem.
The talk will cover all of the relevant China tech trends such as: Mobile commerce, super apps, new retail, e-sports, short video, live streaming & super influencers. You will learn all about the Chinese Internet Giants such as Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, WeChat, TikTok & Toutiao.

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