David Shing


David Shing is AOL’s Digital Prophet. He works across the globe to identify new opportunities for the business and assist in building the external profile of AOL.

He regularly speaks, discussing the latest marketing trends and providing his insight on the evolving digital landscape and where he believes it is headed in the future. By night he is an accidental singer-songwriter. 

Sessions at NextM

“Innovation is out, invention is in”

We are in a world where over 2 billion smart phones occupy our visual attention. But we have quickly evolved to include other senses that aren’t limited to AR, VR, MR, or RR. How are creatives going to adapt and reinvent in a world of transparent interfaces? A place where sight, is now joined with sound and motion? Welcome to hearable, feelable and wearable technology—powered by data, intelligence, sensors and more.

Join Shingy, AOL’s Digital Prophet, as he presents his future view of how this impacts consumer behavior and how we can get the most out of it.