Dan Bernardo


Born in Amsterdam but raised in sunny Brazil, Dan Bernardo has degrees in Anthropology and Graphic Design (UFPE, Recife, and Istituto Europeo di Design, Milan respectively). He has been working in both fields for over 15 years, in a range of start-ups and large business including Inbev, Lycos, Ecologos and InSkin Media.

Dan joined Unruly 6 years ago and helped it scale up from a one-room startup to a company which was acquired for £114m in 2015 by News Corp. Unruly now operates across 20 locations around the world.

Dan’s creative outputs helped to develop an open, meritocratic and diverse culture, true to its purpose and inspiring change for the better in the AdTech industry. Today Dan, Unruly’s Global Creative Director, leads a multidisciplinary team across the Americas, EMEA and APAC.

Sessions at NextM

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast: How to futureproof your business”

Companies with purpose are 400% more profitable than standard companies*. But how do businesses instill a strong sense of culture in their teams so that they can deliver on their purpose? Dan Bernardo, Unruly’s Creative Director, will address how he has helped define and embed Unruly’s cultural values across the business and how he has driven his biggest project yet – creating officially the coolest office in London. He’ll also be showing some of the hottest tech on the planet which will help brands get ready for the next canvas of advertising.