Christan Adel Michael


Christan and are one of the founders of Mate Bike International.

Christian’s passion for technology started up MATE.BIKE project. He is on a mission to bring more people on a bike again, and change the perception of ebikes with their electric, foldable and cool MATE bike.

Sessions at NextM

“How to MATE passion with crowdfunding – and raise millions”

Follow the trail! MATE.BIKE launched in August 2016 and became the most successful crowdfunding campaign in Denmark/Scandinavia with + 4 mio USD, over 4000 backers from 70+ countries, and with 5000 bikes already in production. The founders and siblings Julie K. Carton and Christian A. Michael will tell their story and share tips on how passion for entrepreneurship, combined with a super cool product, can raise millions on crowdfunding.