Archie Wilkinson


Archie has won the Innovation Award at a Google Start-Up Weekend in 2012 and presented the Pavegen technology at Event Tech Summit in Las Vegas, Cannes Lions Festival, Commonwealth Secretariat, won the Pepsi Max Challenge at Milennial 2020 and is part of the Unilever Foundry 50. Recently he has participated in Global Fututes Forum and is Studying at Cambridge University doing a Post-Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship.

Sessions at NextM

“The Internet of Beings: Connecting People and Things. “

At Pavegen we have an idea called the Internet of Beings which is about connecting people and things. This embodies the physical, digital & human elements of your environment to reward individuals through an enhanced personalised experience.
As we now move from an attention-based economy to a behaviour-based economy, technology will play a part beyond the initial activation or experiential stunt and live beyond to reward individuals for their behaviour while building brand advocacy.