Aral Balkan


Aral is a cyborg rights activist. He’s one-third of, a tiny two-person-and-one-husky social enterprise working for social justice in the digital age.

Aral is the author of the web privacy tool Better and the Ethical Design Manifesto. He blogs at and tweets at @aral.

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“The Cyborg Revolution”

The year is 2017.

Donald Trump is president of the United States. 8 men hold half of the world’s wealth. Between them, they preside over a digital panopticon that enslaves and farms the world’s population.

It is time to understand that human rights are cyborg rights and deserve constitutional protection. It is time to rise up, reclaim our rights, and start paving the path forward toward a more egalitarian and sustainable future, starting in Europe by reclaiming individual sovereignty and nurturing a healthy, decentralised, digital commons.