Ali Farokhian


Ali Farokhian is the Global Head of the Tobii Pro Insight Research Services leading Tobii Pro’s eye tracking research team conducting attention based studies all over the world. Ali is also responsible for the world’s first large-scale eye tracking survey panel continuously collecting attention data in Swedish households.

His clients include Unilever, Google, Cloetta, P&G, Carlsberg, Oriflame, Ipsos, Absolut, Toyota, and Suzuki. Prior to joining Tobii Pro, Farokhian worked for Ipsos and MarketWatch. Farokhian is a board member of the Stockholm Konsumentföreningen (KFS), the majority owner of COOP, one of the largest supermarket chains in Sweden.

Sessions at NextM

“Are you paying attention to attention?”

Despite an overflow of information and a constantly shifting media landscape, our capacity to give something attention hasn’t changed – it’s a resource and a person has only so much of it. So what catches people’s attention? More importantly, how can you measure it, visualize it and act on it?

Ali Farokhian will discuss what’s trending in eye tracking research and share insights from studies where implicit data was collected passively and unmoderated in real world environments. Focus is on how eye tracking analytics help optimize spend and marketing initiatives based on attention data.