The NextM Podcast: Tech at Heart, ignition in Mind
Digital change is fun, especially if you can actively help shape it. That’s why in the NextM podcast we talk to experts from marketing, culture, tech & science  about the most important trend topics.
In 15 crisp minutes each, our conversation partners explain their vision of tomorrow’s world.  Artificial intelligence, bio-hacking, big data ethics, start-up culture, eSports, and  “Life after the Internet”. Unique insights, exciting outlooks and lots of material to form your own opinion.
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Our bright future: Elena Corchero about smart devices and connected homes// powered by RMS

Elena Corchero is a futurist at Unruly and gives us a virtual tour through the Future Home at Unruly in the third episode of the NextM podcast series. Her prognosis sounds like a movie: Smart and connected devices that are “brought to life” by voice and can be controlled on the go. Elena also shares her thoughts on smart cities and cars. Furthermore, she explains her view on timings and financial implications of the smart future as well as its impacts on retailers, advertisers and our own shopping experience.

Themenüberblick: 0:15 – About Elena’s favorite smart devices | 3:08 – Differences between countries in terms of connected homes | 4:03 – The Future Home at Unruly | 5:37 – People’s reactions to smart devices | 6:38 – Effects on retailers and shopping habits | 9:49 – About smart cars | 11:24 – Current restrictions to autonomous driving | 13:24 – Timing and financial conditions to make autonomous driving happen |  15:06 – The question of data ownership | 16:18 –  How’s advertising and brand communication affected


Chris Dancy about making the world a better place with data// powered by RMS

Improvement takes patience – and proper tracking. Chris Dancy, the Most Connected Human on Earth, takes us on his journey from figuring out what to measure, to being overly obsessed with all the compiled data, to finally finding a mindful approach. In the second episode of the NextM podcast, you’ll learn how Chris Dancy’s “Periodic Table for Behaviour” is composed and how you can make the world a better place with data.

Themenüberblick: 0:45 – Learnings on balancing numbers & happiness | 4:22 – What characterizes a mindful Cyborg | 5:09 – Periodic Table for Behaviour | 6:41 – Becoming more mindful | 8:51 – How to use the data you compiled and making the world a better place | 10:40 – Be careful of bias! | 11:36 – Getting to know Chris | 12:47 – Tips on how to get your emotions in check


Dr. Tu-Lam Pham über China, das Land der Super Apps // powered by RMS

Dr. Tu-Lam Pham ist ein internationaler Berater für E-Commerce, Social Media und die digitale Entwicklung. In diesem Podcast blickt er mit uns nach China, das sich schon lange von der vermeintlichen Copycat zum weltweiten Innovationstreiber entwickelt hat. Was die Treiber dieser Innovationskraft oder sogenannte „SuperApps“ sind und wie der deutsche Markt konkurrenzfähig bleiben kann, hören Sie in der ersten Episode der NextM Podcast-Reihe.

Themenüberblick: 0:28 – China als Copycat oder Innovationsträger? | 2:13 – Super Apps Made in China | 5:30 – BAT als Pendant zur GAFA | 6:43 – Mobile Payment | 8:22 – Die Frage der Datensicherheit | 10:22 – Chinas Erfolgsrezept für die Zukunft |12:30 – Ist China das neue Silicon Valley? | 14:03 – Investitionen in Künstliche Intelligenz | 15:10 – Implikationen für Deutschland | 17:11 – 3 Take Aways |


NextM hinter den Kulissen mit Anne-Christine Rieger und Sven Wollner // powered by RMS

Die Episode Null wirft einen Blick hinter die Kulissen der Idee „NextM“.Die beiden „Macher“ von NextM, Anne-Christine Rieger und Sven Wollner, erläutern, was NextM an Themen, Speakern und Specials bieten wird und geben Einblicke von A wie Artificial Intelligence bis Z wie Zukunft von eCommerce.

Themenüberblick: 0:25 – Vorstellung der beiden NextM-Macher | 0:58 – Über die NextM und „Tech at Heart, Ignition in Mind“ | 2:18 – Das macht die NextM besonders | 3:15 – Auswahl der Speaker | 4:58 – Die NextM zeigt Spannungsfelder auf | 6:47 – Wer trifft sich auf der NextM? | 8:40 – Das können die NextM-Besucher mitnehmen | 10:06 – Podcasts als Impulsgeber | 12:24 – Schlussworte der beiden NextM-Macher|